Why Noise Electronics?


i, hi i’m ralph, have been repairing tube amps and other electronic musical instruments for almost 15 years. after the statement “sure i can solder” and a friends recommendation, i began my journey into musical instrument repair in the back of music mikes in riverside, ca.  i had no idea at that point that this obscure and outdated technology would become my life’s work. i was just tired of loading trailers at fedex. i started to become interested in building tube amps in 2007. i have to admit my early amp designs were based on schematics i found  on the internet and not very original.

转发红包的土豪微信群near the end of 2007, i was offered a position as an acoustic engineer for solteras, inc. testing and designing headphones and head sets for other audio and telecommunications companies like motorola and jbl. a couple of years later solteras decided to launch a gaming headphone brand called nox audio. between trips to china, trade shows, engineering schedules and a new family, i didn’t have much time for tube amps. unfortunately, nox audio and solteras shut down at the end of 2011 and i was laid off.

i realized my time at solteras completely changed my ear. i could now hear things in tube amps that i didn’t hear before. i also realized that the amps that i built before didn’t sound as good as i once thought nor were they at all original.

i began noise electronics in 2013 to repair your instruments and create unique, original and creative tube amps, speaker cabs and pedals that are works of hand build sonic art. noise electronics is a grass-roots labor of love for these machines and music. repair work funds my research and development, and my development improves my ability to repair and modify your favorite amp or pedal. i’ve spent the last year designing and hand building guitar pedals, tube amps and speaker cabs. i have spent a lot of time developing the tone of my amps to match the sound in my head. i believe that the playability and usability of the instrument is just as important as the tone or the parts that are used to build it.


New Web Site!

转发红包的土豪微信群or at least the beginning of noise electronics new website. please be patient, i figure this stuff out as i go. call or text me with any tube amplifier, effects, speaker cab or tube audio repair questions at 951-295-8101 or email me at ralph@nljgkx.icu